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El Calafate, an extraordinary place to visit in the south of the continent, has incredible landscapes around the Perito Moreno glacier. People go from all over the world to see that phenomenon of ice, and can also enjoy other experiences such as shearing sheep in rural farms, horse riding, hiking, caves and connections with other tourist spots in Argentine Patagonia. It is also a destination to escape the noise, and chosen by the citizens of Buenos Aires to live relaxing.

La Estepa, El Calafate 1


This is the incredible steppe that can be seen from every corner of Hostería La Estepa, which has been in El Calafate for many years and has been renovated in a new and larger area, after the new owners bought it. There are 27 rooms that include views of the lake or the steppe, a warm and comfortable living room, a dining room that serves an excellent breakfast every day and a welcoming staff. Guests often leave very pleasant comments in the review book, and most of them want to return. The same can be read on Trip Advisor and

The challenge for this Hosty Brand, was to tell their potential guests what is the most valuable thing they can find there, and communicate it. We have helped the new owner company to make this possible by creating a solid concept and producing the materials. We’ve designed the brand’s key visual made photo-sessions to communicate the sensory experience of staying there.



Our work

Here we show you some elements of the key visual designed into an hotel marketing plan.

La Estepa, El Calafate 2

La Estepa, El Calafate 3

hotel marketing icon

La Estepa, El Calafate 4 La Estepa, El Calafate 5

These are some of the 300 photos we’ve delivered.




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